A downloadable Hayden Farm for Windows and Android

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A game about raising your own little Hayden to call your own.

Hayden roams around the farm all day honking when he wants, feeding him will make his honk rate go up!


<MB> - Interact.

<SPACE> - Menu.

<ASDF> - Menu hotkeys.

<ESC> - Close game.


>0.03 - April/ 9 /2016 - 13,164 Kb
+Redone UI.
+Added Options.
+Added Map.
+Added load/save.
+Changed food.
*Fixed food bug which blocked honk speed.
+Slop Shop.
+Changed textures slightly.
+Click Hayden.
+Name Hayden in menu.
+Few new animations.
+Few new sounds.
+Mute button.
+Major optimizations.
-Removed 2008.
+Splash screen with game version display.
+Pro license.
+New icon.
+Food spoils.
+Can't hatch egg outside farm.
+Initial honk speed varies on hatch.
+ASDF hotkeys.
+Android support.
>0.02 - June/ 25 /2015 - 12.888 Kb
+Added shop.
+Added currency.
+Changed textures slightly.
+Moved fencing.
>0.01 - June/ 18 /2015 - 12,660 Kb
+First version.


  • Stats menu.
  • Combat.
  • Cosmetics (Smile Guy glasses).
  • More Hayden variants.
  • More complex AI.
  • More locations.
  • Plants.
  • End game.


  • Clicking Hayden while the menu is open allows you to name him.
  • Scrolling/Arrow keys will change text color while naming.
  • Placing eggs outside of the fence is not allowed for now.
  • WASD will move the camera, R will reset it.
  • Poking Hayden will not hurt him...yet.
  • Do you trust Gluttonous Slob?
  • There's a cheat code.
  • ndont
Published Jul 26, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Tags2D, Abstract, asdfs, farm, GameMaker, honk
Average sessionA few hours


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MyLittleHaydenFarm0.03.exe 12 MB
MyLittleHaydenFarm0.03.apk (lacks some features) 21 MB
MyLittleHaydenFarm0.02.exe (old) 12 MB
MyLittleHaydenFarm0.0.1.exe (old) 12 MB


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